Apple Updates iPhoto, iMovie and Aperture Alongside OS X Mountain Lion

Among other software updates released today in support of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has also rolled out new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, and Aperture.

iPhoto 9.3.2 [Mac App Store]

– Supports compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion
– Sharing options now include Messages and Twitter
– Includes performance and stability improvements

iMovie 9.0.7 [Mac App Store]

– Fixes an issue related to third-party QuickTime components that could cause iMovie to quit unexpectedly
– Resolves stability issues when previewing MPEG-2 video clips in the Camera Import window
– Fixes an issue where audio was not included when importing MPEG-2 video clips from a camera

Aperture 3.3.2 [Mac App Store]

– Fixes an issue that in rare cases could cause Aperture to hang or quit unexpectedly when upgrading libraries


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