Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion, Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes

Apple has quietly issued updates for a number of its software packages following the AppstorelogoWWDC keynote this morning. Final Cut Pro, Motion, Aperture, iPhoto and iTunes have all been given updates.

Professional video editing app Final Cut Pro [Mac App Store] was updated to version 10.0.5 with an update that “improves overall stability and is enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.”

Motion [Mac App Store] received the same update, moving to version 5.0.4.

Photo management tool Aperture [Mac App Store] was updated to version 3.3 with a number of updates, including support for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display:

What’s New in Version 3.3

– New unified photo library for both iPhoto (v 9.3 or later) and Aperture; no import/export required; Faces, Places, slideshows, albums and web sharing work across both applications
– Support for AVCHD video has been added
– Aperture now lets you use camera-generated previews for faster browsing of RAW files immediately after import
– Highlights & Shadows tool has been updated to deliver higher-quality results and work with extended range data
– A new Auto Enhance button has been added to the Adjustments panel
– White Balance tool now includes Skin Tone and Natural Gray modes to simplify color balance
– Auto button has been added to the White Balance tool for one-click color balancing
– Set Desktop command has been added to Share menu so you can set a desktop background from within Aperture
– A new Manual option allows you to drag and drop projects to customize sort order in the Projects view
– New preference allows you to set the background brightness of the full screen browser
– Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe albums are now displayed as thumbnails in the main window when accounts are selected in the source list
– Minor terminology changes, including “Original” instead of “Master” and “Info” instead of “Metadata”
– Source list includes a new “Recent” section, showing Last Import and recently-viewed projects
– Raw Fine Tuning is no longer displayed in the Adjustments panel by default
– Faces can now be named by dragging them from the Unnamed Faces browser to existing snapshots on the corkboard
– The Faces corkboard now includes a menu that allows you to set the order of face snapshots
– Newly designed monochrome source list and toolbar icons
– Addresses numerous issues related to overall performance and stability

iPhoto [Mac App Store] has been updated to version 9.3 with support for the new Retina Display as well as a few other items:

What’s New in Version 9.3

– iPhoto can now open libraries from Aperture 3.3 or later
– AVCHD video is now supported
– The Description field now automatically expands as needed when entering text
– You can now flag a photo in Magnify (1-up) view by clicking a Flag icon displayed in the upper left corner of the photo
– Keywords and titles are now preserved when exporting files with embedded GPS location data
– A new Export option allows you to automatically organize exported photos into subfolders by event

Finally, iTunes has been updated to version 10.6.3 with support for the iOS 6 beta and other bug fixes.


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